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Medium-light duty rack

Medium-light duty racking is a storage system with a weight of less than 500kg, without the support of Pallet. The products can be loaded/unloaded by hands or forklifts.
There are many designs with different structures. The racking systems are selected depending on the characteristics of the goods.

Include the following racks:

The features of Medium racking system:

  • Loading/unloading the products by hands or rolling ladders
  • Load: 300 - 800 Kg/1 layer
  • Using plywood or tole to support cargo storage
  • The entire frame is linked buckling and easily removed
  • Suitable for storing small items, carton with diverse product categories
The features of Carton flow racking:
  • Bulk storage of goods.
  • Most Carton Flow Rack systems allow multiple lanes. Improving visibility of product SKUs and reducing travel time between picks by up to 80%.
  • Modular transport system makes transportation and installation simple.
  • Combined with a Pallet storage unit containing large quantities of goods.
The features of Slotted angle shelving:
  • Being made entirely from steel.
  • High density storage.
  • Storage of diverse goods
  • Easy to dismantle, transport or change the structure of the rack.
  • Simple design and powder coating color.
  • 100% accessibility to individual products.
The features of Garment racking:
  • Suitable for small warehouses.
  • Meet the storage needs for garment factories.
  • Low investment costs and easy to replace accessories or upgrade.
  • Used to display products or store goods.

The features of the supermarket racking:

  • High density storage solution
  • 100% accessibility to individual units
  • Optimizing the warehouse and store space
  • Displaying a large number of goods but still neat
  • Bringing aesthetics and professionalism
  • Low investment costs
  • Great solution for supermarket systems, convenience stores...

The features of library shelving:

  • Load: 200kg/layer
  • The entire shelf system is powder coated according to industry standards
  • Produced under the FEM standards (Europe)
  • The entire frame is linked buckling and easily removed
  • Easily changing the size of the shelves according to customer's requirement