Special racking

Special racks are storage systems with a special structure suitable for each group of products.

Include the following racks:

The features of Radio Shuttle:

  • Using 80% of the warehouse area.
  • Transporting goods automatically in the system.
  • Importing and exporting goods with high speed.
  • Reducing the risk of collision and accident.
  • Free to choose FIFO or LIFO.
  • Withstand temperatures up to -300C.
The features of the cantilever racking:
  • Loading/unloading the items by forklifts or hands.
  • Suitable for all types of goods (long, irregular and mixed loads).
  • Can store one side or both sides.
  • Combining with floor system to optimize the warehouse space.
The features of the mould racking:
  • Drawers design
  • Storing heavy goods
  • Can install additional machinery and cranes
  • Easily disassembling and moving
  • The drawers are locked in a static state, help to ensure safety
  • 100% accessibility to the items
The features of the spare parts racking:
  • Using plastic trays to store goods
  • Supporting goods classification
  • Easily identifying the products with the help of name tags in front of the containers
  • Changing the height between floors and plastic tray sizes to meet storage needs
  • Low investment costs
  • Can combine with several colors
The Features of the mobile racking:
  • Optimizing the storage space
  • Directly accessing to any pallet
  • The position of the racks is changed so that the forklifts move inside
  • Controlled by a remote or a computer Protection Status