What is Drive In racking? Advantages and Disadvantages

13:48 PM, 06/03/2020

Drive In rack is one of the most commonly used heavy duty rack. This system is used for warehouses that require to store large quantities of homogeneous goods. Learning about its features helps you know whether this is the optimal chooice for your business. Eurorack will support you find out what is Drive In racking and its characteristics through the following article.

what is drive in racking 1What is Drive In racking?

What is Drive In racking?

Drive In racking system is a storage solution with extremely high density. Aisle space is minimized to increase the amount of stored goods, so forklifts move directly into the rack for loading and unloading. Each level has guide rails to guide and place the pallets inside the system.

Drive In rack is designed for warehouses that use pallets of only one size. This system applies LIFO (Last In Fist Out).

what is drive in racking 2Concept of Drive In rack

What are Drive In specifications?

Specifications of Drive In pallet racking

  • Load capacity: 500 - 1000 kg/pallet.
  • Maximum height: 8m.
  • Cấu tạo rail dẫn để chứa pallet.
  • Store 8 pallets in depth or more.
  • Foot frame: Omega.
  • Method of loading and unloading: Forklifts.
  • The entire system is powder coated according to European standards.

Drive In racking is assembled by bolts, so you can change the structure, move or upgrade as needed. The rack can be designed to take goods from one or both sides.

what is drive in racking 3Taking goods from both sides

Structure of Drive In rack

Drive In pallet racking includes 8 basic components:

  • Upright frame: Bear for the whole system.
  • Horizontal brace: Disperse force between the upright frames.
  • Top beam: Connect between 2 upright frames, because there is no beam.
  • Batter brace: Support top beams connect upright frames.
  • Footplate: Connect the upright frames to the floor and keep the system steady.
  • Guard rail: Protecting the system from collisions.
  • Support arm: Bear the pallet weight and disperse force to the upright frames.
  • Pallet rail: Support to keep pallet stable.
what is drive in racking 4Drive In racking structure

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drive In system

1. Advantages of Drive In rack

Drive In pallet rack have a lot of advantages:

  • Use up to 70% of the warehouse area.
  • Extremely high density storage.
  • Suitable for storing a large amount of homogeneous products
  • Great solution for warehouses where you do not need to take exactly individual goods.
  • The rack is linked by bolts, so it is easy to move, change the structure and upgrade as needed.

These are the great advantages of the Drive In system. In many cases, enterprises often use this rack with Selective system or Double Deep system. This combination will help you store diverse items.

what is drive in racking 5Maximize storage density with Drive In rack

2. What are the disadvantages of Drive In racking?

Drive In pallet racking has some disadvantages:

  • The system can only store one type of product, because it is difficult for forklifts to directly access goods.
  • Drive In racking comply with LIFO, so it may cause some problems in inventory management.
  • Because the forklift directly moves inside the sytem to pick up the goods, the driver must be careful to avoid colliding with the rack.
what is drive in racking 6Disadvantages of Drive In pallet racking

What are the use cases for Drive In racking?

Because Drive In rack has a some restrictions, it is just suitable for some cases:

  • When you need to store large amounts of homogeneous products.
  • You do not have to reach the goods directly.
  • No matter the order of loading and unloading goods.
  • Cold warehouses need to increase storage density to reduce operating costs.
what is drive in racking 7Use Drive In pallet racking

What is the reason for choosing Eurorack's Drive In racking?

Eurorack is one of the leading brands in manufacturing and construction of storage racking systems. Production process complies with ISO 9001: 2015, Eurorack's products meet European standards, and our production lines are imported from Europe and Japan.

With over 10 years of experience, we have constantly researched and applied new designs and technologies to production process to improve product quality. Eurorack is always changing to bring the optimal solution for your storage system.

what is drive in racking 8Eurorack's drive in racking system

Drive In pallet racking constructions of Eurorack.

Eurorack hopes that with the above information, you will know what is Drive In racking and whether it is the optimal choice for your warehouse. If you have any question, contact us to get advice from our experts.

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