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How to choose the right storage rack for your warehouse

08:55 AM, 05/10/2019

How to choose storage rack for your warehouse? What solution to optimize the storage space? This is a large problem for businesses if they do not learn about the features of each racking. There are many types of racking systems and each types has its own advantages. To help you make the right decision for your company, Eurorack offers you 6 essential fators to choose a storage system.

how to choose storage rack 1How to choose storage rack

Load capacity of racking system

Load capacity is one of the most important thing in selecting the right storage rack. You have to calculate the maximum weight of products on a pallet to choose a system that meets the storage capacity. If the racking's load is lower than the weight of goods, it may lead to falling, which damages your company's property and endangers employees. Or if how to choose the storage rack that has load too large compared to your needs, it will lead to waste for your business.

how to choose storage rack 2Calculate the maximum weight of goods

Storage capacity of your warehouse

The next factor you should consider as choosing the racking system is the capacity of your warehouse. Each type of rack has different storage density. The higher the density, the greater the amount of goods that can be stored. For instance, Drive-in system can store a large amout of goods by reducing the area of aisles. However, its direct access to products is very low, so this system is only appropriate for warehouses containing homogeneous items

how to choose storage rack 3Consider your warehouse's storage density

How to choose storage rack based on accessibility to goods

The ability to directly access to each individual goods is also an essential factor as choosing a racking system. For warehouses storing a wide range of products, Selective pallet rack or medium rack that have low storage density will be the optimal solution, because the rate of accessing to each item is up to 100%.

how to choose storage rack 4Accessibility to individual products

How you manage inventory

The storage system that you select for your warehouse also depends on the way you manage goods. Some products have to comply with FIFO (first in, first out) due to their short shelf life. Examples are warehouses for storing agricultural products, frozen meat, medicine... If you do not encounter this problem, you can use a rack that applies LIFO inventory with a higher storage density.

how to choose storage rack 5How to choose storage rack based on inventory management

Regulations and standards you have to follow

Before choosing a storage racking system, you should also look for regulations and standards that you have to follow. Some industries require strict rules such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals... Unless you meet all of them, your enterprise is not allowed do business in that area.

how to choose storage rack 6Comply with storage regulations

How to choose storage rack depends on the type of forklifts you use

In case you already has forklifts, you should choose a storage racking system that is suitable for those forklifts. Since each type of them has different dimensions and reach, the may not be possible to use in some designs. For example, the height of VNA pallet rack is very high and its aisles are narrow, which requires the specialized forklifts (reach truck) to load and unload items.

how to choose storage rack 7Use VNA racking for reach trucks

Eurorack hopes the information above will help you find how to choose storage rack for your business. If you have any difficulties, contact us to get advice from our experts!

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