ASRS or AS/RS – automated storage and retrieval system is the most modern storage solution today. Loading and unloading takes place automatically by software. Robots are responsible for transporting goods into and out of rack.

ASRS is suitable for large-scale warehouses requiring high load and unload speed and strict inventory management.


ASRS includes 4 basic details:

  • Storage and retrieval machines: Transporting goods into and out of the system.
  • Rack system: Storing products.
  • Conveyor (or AGV) interface: Control the robot.
  • Warehouse Control System: Manage inventory.
Product characteristics


The features of ASRS

- ASRS has extremely high storage density, because it does not require a lot of aisles and the width of each aisle is built to a minimum.

- High loading and unloading speed. It can exceed 1 ton/robot/minute.

- The system allows enterprises to use only a robot to save investment costs.

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The advantages of ASRS

- Not using a lot of labor, saving labor and warehouse management costs...

- Increasing security with professional management system and ensuring no human access.

- ASRS helps reduce lighting and cooling costs. It is suitable for cold storage.

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