Sản phẩm kệ kho hàng Eurorack

Spare parts racking

The spare parts racking is used to store spare parts and tools of all shapes and sizes. Similar products are kept in the same area.

The components are stored in plastic containers and then placed on the system.


The spare parts racking includes details:

  • Upright frames: Bearing for the whole system.
  • Containers: Containing goods.
  • There are 2 types of the spare parts racks: Racks for hanging containers and racks for lying containers:
  • Racks for hanging containers: The racking system uses plastic containers with grooves for hanging on the racks.
  • Racks for lying containers: Medium racks, Slotted angle shelves or Cantilever racks are added with plastic containers.
  • The system can be mounted wheels for easy transport.
Spare parts racking
Product characteristics


The features of the spare parts racking:

- In accordance with the customer's requirement, we change the dimension of the racks and the containers.

- For racks for hanging containers, the whole system is made of steel. For racks for lying containers, the floors can be made of plywood, mica, iron...

- Easily installing and customizing according to each warehouse premises.



The features of the spare parts racking:

- Low investment costs.

- Can be used in combination with other types of racks.

- Locating a spare part in a large warehouse is always a challenge. However, this problem can be solved by a planned classification and arrangement. Using name tags for each type is a perfect solution for this system.