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Very narrow aisle racking

Very narrow aisle racking is used for modern warehouse system with the height up to 17m and narrow aisles.

VNA racking require a solid structure and are manufactured with high precision.

The storage capacity can be increased by more than 40% compared to Selective racking.


Very narrow aisle racking includes 4 basic details:

  • Upright frames: Bearing for the whole system.
  • Horizontal braces: Dispersing force between the upright frames.
  • Load beams: Connecting between 2 upright frames and is the place to put pallets.
  • Guide rails: Guiding for forklifts.
Very narrow aisle racking
Standard design
This design table is based on European safety and quality standards. It has been approved and widely applied in the industry today. Under this standard, we create the best quality products, meet the demands of the customers and is suitable for each storage system.
Product characteristics



- 1000 – 2000Kg/pallet or more.

- Increasing usable area by narrowing aisles (increase by 50%).

- Installing guide rails for forklifts on the floor. 100% accessibility to individual pallets.

- Being designed according to FEM 15512 standards.

- The entire system is powder coated according to European standards.





Very narrow aisle racking

- VNA racking system is designed for warehouses with the height of up to 15m and very narrow aisle.

- Pallets can be stored at very high positions. Therefore, enterprises can use the maximum amount of storage space.

- By reducing the aisles's area, the cargo space is increased.

- Suitable for high warehouses.





Aisle - forklifts and cargo

- The forklifts must move well in narrow aisle and can lift a load to maximum height of the system.

- The path of the forklift truck is designed with guide rails.

- VNA racks give the greatest amount of pallet storage locations.



Very narrow aisle racking