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Mezzanine floors

The mezzanine floor is the fastest solution to increase the warehouse area.

Details such as ladders, railings, etc. can be easily disassembled.

For narrow warehouses, the mezzanine floor helps maximize the height of the warehouse space.


The mezzanine floors include 6 basic details:

  • Upright frames: Bearing for the whole system.
  • Support bars: Supporting bearing.
  • Footplates: Connecting the upright frames to the floor and keeping the system steady.
  • Floors: Made of tole or wood.
  • Railings: Keeping employees safe.
  • Stairs: Help move up on the floor.
Mezzanine floors
Product characteristics



- Load: 500 - 1000 Kg per square meter.

- Foot frames: Using omega foot stamping or box.

- Floors: Using planks, floors or corrugated iron.

- Designed according to the method of assembling bolts so it is easy to move when needed.

- The entire system is powder coated under the European standards.

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The features of the mezzanine floors:

- Multiplying surface space in industrial premises.

- Having all the advantages of racks and floors, while reducing the disadvantages when using racks or floors separately.

- Storing large quantities of goods in a variety of categories.

- Can be used as office, home, entertainment, meeting room...

- The structure of the mezzanine floors include the racks below and the floor above.

- The whole system is powder coated under the European standards.

- The system can be disassembled and moved easily.

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The features of the mezzanine floors:

- Increasing storage area without building more floors or expanding the warehouse.

- Storing more products.

- Also used as an office.

- Helping separate the space, supporting the management and arrangement of the goods.

- Combining the mezzanine floors with the elevator system helps transport goods up and down easily.

- Suitable for rental space, which is limited in expansion or structural change.

Mezzanine floors