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Library shelving

Library shelving provides a storage solution with high density. It helps reduce investment costs and optimize space.


Library shelving includes 4 basic details:

  • Upright frames: Bearing for the whole system.
  • Horizontal braces: Dispersing force between the upright frames.
  • Tole trays: Containing books and newspapers.
  • Support bars: Bearing for the tole trays.
Library shelving
Product characteristics



- Load: 200kg/layer.

- The entire shelf system is powder coated according to industry standards.

- Produced under the FEM standards (Europe).

- The entire frame is linked buckling and easily removed.


- You can choose the type of 2-bay with a larger width, but the depth and height are similar to the 1-bay.

- However, to create a sense of spaciousness, we should use the open type. In addition, it can contain more books. 

- Easily changing the size of the shelves according to customer's requirement.