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Rolling ladder

Rolling ladders, also known as rolling platform ladders, are extremely helpful in navigating large warehouse facilities and reaching materials placed high up on racks without using forklifts.

Industrial rolling ladders help increase productivity, while allowing for better mobility. Improve the order picking process and employee safety.



  • Frame: made of stainless steel.
  • Handrails: linked to the frame and equipped on both sides of the ladders.
  • Steps: serrated design does not cause slippery.
  • Wheels: made from rubber.
  • Brackets: equipped with anti-slip rubber, firmly grip the floor.
Rolling ladder
Product characteristics


The features of the rolling ladders:

- Heavy load: up to 175kg.

- Double handrails ensure safety.

- The steps are designed to be non-slip with dimensions of 430mm X 350mm, creating comfort and safety in use.

- Serrated or polka dots stairs design help increase friction.

- The wheels are designed tilt and slide to help the stairs move more easily.




The features of the rolling ladders:

- Support bars at the bottom and middle of the ladders ensure the durability when using.

- Rubber legs grip all floor surfaces.

- Installation and assembly is simple.

- There are 5 different dimensions.

- Loading and unloading of goods without using forklifts.





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