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Mobile racking

Mobile racking is a solution for very high density increasing capacity up to 80%. The system enables compact storage while keeping the stored pallets individually accessible. Where storage space is expensive, for example in coldstores, mobile racking is the perfect solution.

  • The design of the mobile racking is similar to the Selective pallet racking's.
  • Adding rails and wheels below the racks.
  • Controlled by a remote or a computer.
  • Using only an aisle.
  • Mobile racking can increase capacity up to 80% compared to conventional pallet racking systems and significantly reduce lighting, heating or cooling costs.
Mobile racking
Product characteristics



- Optimizing the storage space.

- Directly accessing to any pallet.

- The aisle is opened up when the operator requests access.

- The system is under the control of a remote or a computer.





- High invesment costs.

- Combined with rails and wheels.

- Suitable for warehouse systems with expensive premises costs.

The mobile racking is an ideal solution for warehouses with expensive premises costs.




Directly accessing to any pallet.

- The mobile racking system is installed to eliminate the need for multiple fixed aisles and open up an aisle provides direct access to the desired pallet.

- 100% accessibility to individual units.

- Suitable for all types of forklifts.