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Medium racking system

Medium racking system is a type of light duty rack, designed into multiple compartments with additional floors (made of corrugated iron or plywood) to store goods.

The goods can be placed directly on the system or on pallets then putting on the rack.


Medium racking system includes 5 basic details:

  • Upright frames: Bearing for the whole system.
  • Horizontal braces: Dispersing force between the upright frames.
  • Load beams: Connecting between 2 upright frames.
  • Tole or plywood: Containing goods.
  • Footplates: Connecting the upright frames to the floor and keeping the system steady.
Medium racking system
Standard design
Height 900, 1800, 2400, 3000mm
Shelf Carrying Capacity Up to 1000kg
Beam Pitch 50mm
This design table is based on European safety and quality standards. It has been approved and widely applied in the industry today. Under this standard, we create the best quality products, meet the demands of the customers and is suitable for each storage system.
Product characteristics



- Load: 300 - 800 Kg/1 layer.

- Using plywood or tole to support cargo storage.

- Omega frame foot design with hole punching.

- The entire system is powder coated under the European standards.

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The features of medium racking system:

- The entire frame is linked buckling and easily removed.

- The items are placed directly on the shelves without using pallets.

- Can use pallets, cartons to store the goods and put on the systems.

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The features of medium racking system:

- Loading/unloading the products by hands or rolling ladders.

- Storing variety types of products.

- 100% accessibility to individual units.

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Medium racking system