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Steel pallet

Steel pallets are designed for storing heavy products in industries. They are the alternative solution to wood and plastic pallets. Steel pallets are much stronger than regular pallets, easy to sterilize, and do not rot or carry pests.


The structure of the steel pallets:

  • There are many different types of pallets. Common designs include P – 01, P – 02. P – 03
  • Common sizes: 1200 x 800 x 145 mm, 1000 x 1000 x 140 mm.
  • All the pallets are designed and manufactured according to the European standards (EURO & EAL). Euro and Epal are the symbols of the European Pallet Association.
Steel pallet
Standard design
Design Standard

Forklift Entry

1200 MM

Forklift Entry

1000 MM

Forklift Entry

800 MM

L1200 x W1200 L1000 x W1200 L800 x W1200
L1200 x W1000 L1000 x L1000 L800 x W1000
L1200 x W800 L1000 x W800 L800 x W800


This design table is based on European safety and quality standards. It has been approved and widely applied in the industry today. Under this standard, we create the best quality products, meet the demands of the customers and is suitable for each storage system.
Product characteristics


The features of the steel pallets:

- High load capacity.

- Durable, stable and less damaged.

- Fire resistance.

- Easily hygienicing and sterilising.

- Recyclable.

Powder coated steel pallet:

- Powder coated prevent rust and corrosion from the effects of the weather.

- Using paint colors to classify pallets.

- Outstanding colors make pallets easier to identify.

- There are many different types of pallets. Common designs are P – 01, P – 02. P – 03.

Galvanized steel pallet:

- Minimizing the possibility of rust and corrosion.

- Preventing pallets from being scratched and dented from the impact of forklifts and the outside environment.

- Very high antibacterial.

- Reducing damage from the environment.

- Easily identifying during loading and unloading process.

- Galvanized steel pallets are similar to powder coating steel pallets, there are many different designs that you can choose.



The advantages for industries:

- Construction industry: large and heavy materials must be stored on strong pallets.

- Chemical industry: require pallets to withstand harsh environments for use in chemical storage.

- Outdoor storage: Pallets are able to withstand the effects of the weather.

- Food industry: Pallets have to be disinfected so that they do not contaminate food during production or storage.

- Export industry: Pallets must comply with ISPM 15 and not carry pests.



Steel pallet