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Stackable pallet

Stackable pallets can store goods without using racking system. They are widely used in industries, especially outdoor storage areas.


The structure of the stackable pallets:

  • The stackable pallet structure is similar to a rectangular box but has no upper surface.
  • The whole system is made of steel and can be powder coated or galvanized.
  • The base plate is the setpoint of the goods. 50 mm above the ground.
  • 4 legs are specially designed. A base plate can be placed on top of 4 legs of another Pallet.
  • With this design, the stackable pallets are easily stacked but still fixed and free from wobble.
Stackable pallet
Standard design
This design table is based on European safety and quality standards. It has been approved and widely applied in the industry today. Under this standard, we create the best quality products, meet the demands of the customers and is suitable for each storage system.
Product characteristics


How to use stackable pallets

- Assembling 4 legs to the base plate.

- Put the goods on the Pallets.

- Put a pallet on another pallet to create a structure similar to a pallet rack system.




The features of the stackable pallets:

- The pallets are made of steel according to the European standards.

- Powder coating helps avoid the effects of weather. Bright colors are easy to identify.

- Storing goods without using racks, saving space.

- Easily moving and loading/unloading goods.

- Can be considered as a type of mobile rack and be used anywhere.

- Saving investment costs.



Stackable pallet