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Radio Shuttle Racking

Radio Shuttle is a semi-automated storage system that allows for a maximum use of warehouse space. The radio shuttle car is controlled by remote or computer with wifi connection to support the load and unload of goods in the system. Forklifts do not need to move deep inside to help shorten travel time and reduce the risk of collision.



Radio Shuttle includes 6 basic details:

  • Upright frames: Bearing for the whole system.
  • Beam: Connecting between 2 upright frames and is the place to put pallets and guide rail.
  • Guide rail: Placing radio shuttle car.
  • Radio shuttle car: Loading goods in the system.
  • Pallet rail splice: Immobilizing the guide rail.
  • Rail-end stop: Keeping the radio shuttle car from sliding off the rack.
Radio Shuttle Racking
Product characteristics


Load capacity: ≤2000kg/pallet.

- Robot running speed when loading goods: 35m/min.

- Robot moving speed: 70m/min.

- Acceleration and deceleration: 0.5m/s2.

- Depth up to 40m.

- Optimized warehouse roof height up to 7m.

Kệ tự động - Kệ Radio Shuttle Rack
Radio Shuttle shelves operate intelligently, achieving 3 times more storage efficiency than traditional shelves.

The sturdy structure increases storage capacity by up to 80% of the warehouse area

- Secure inventory control through sensors.

- Automatically pick up goods, move pallets in and out flexibly, speeding up import and export speed.

- Minimizes collision risk because forklifts do not need to move into shelves.

- Long-term cost efficiency, shortening operation time and significantly liberating manual labor.

Kệ tự động - Kệ Radio Shuttle Rack
Radio Shuttle racking is a modern storage solution replacing high capacity Drive-in / Drive-thru racking warehouses.

- Robotic warehouse shelves allow import and export of goods according to the LIFO method.

- Shuttle Radio automatically loads and picks up pallets continuously on the principle of receiving remote control commands.

- Cutting aisles to focus on improving storage space.

- Suitable for storing food, beverages, supplies, production materials, etc.

Kệ tự động - Kệ Radio Shuttle Rack
Radio Shuttle Racking