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Folding pallet

Folding pallets are both platforms for forklifts and containers for storing goods. They have locking latches and four foldable side panels. As a result, warehouse space is saved when not in use and easily folded into bins for normal storage.



  • There are 2 types of the folding pallet: Mesh folding pallet and Crate folding pallet.
  • These 2 types differ in the structure of 4 sides. For mesh folding pallet, it is in the form of mesh. And for crate folding pallet, it is in the form of steel plate.
  • There are locking pins on 4 sides, connecting the sides when folded up into a container.
  • The structure of the legs is the same and has the ability to stack up when folded.
  • The ability to stack when containing goods depends on the structure of the pallets. If you want to put them up each other, the structure of 4 legs must be solid and durable.
  • The pallets usually cannot be stacked when storing goods.
Folding pallet
Product characteristics


The features of the folding pallets:

- Pallets are made of steel to help withstand large loads. Powder coating prevent rust and weathering effects.

- Can be folded and stacked, convenient for storage and use when needed.

- Considered as containers, storing goods safely and conveniently.

- There are 2 options: mesh or crate for customers to easily choose at their disposal.





Folding process for the mesh folding pallets


Folding process for the crate folding pallets


Folding pallet