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Wire mesh pallet cage

Wire mesh pallet cage is a kind of grid container storing goods inside. Although it does not have the ability to fold like mesh folding pallet, its 4 legs help it to be stackable when containing items.


The structure of the wire mesh pallet cage is very simple:

  • 4 strong legs and thick wire mesh help store large amounts of products.
  • All parts are made of steel to help ensure safety and high load capacity.
  • Special structure of the legs helps pallets to be easily stacked without being shaken or broken.
  • Wire mesh pallet cage can add extra structures to meet customers' diverse storage needs.
  • For example: Adding additional doors and wheels to move more easily.
Wire mesh pallet cage
Product characteristics


The features of the wire mesh pallet cage:

- The pallets protect goods from falling, bumps from outside.

- Suitable for storing large quantities of small and homogenous goods. Especially in mechanical industries.

- The pallets are stackable.

- Identifying the items inside the pallets visually.

- The latches are very sturdy and also easy to open or close.