Slotted angle shelving

Slotted angle shelving are very diverse in features that are widely used in many purposes for storing various goods. It is easily installed in tight spaces.


Slotted angle shelving includes:

  • Upright frames: Bearing for the whole system.
  • Support bars: Bearing for the steel plate.
  • Steel plates: Containing goods.
Slotted angle shelving
Product characteristics



- Load: 100 - 300 Kg/ 1 layer.

- The goods are loaded/unloaded by hands or rolling ladders.

- Brackets designed with punched V steel.

- The entire frame is linked buckling and easily removed.

- The entire system is powder coated under the European standards.




The Features of the Slotted angle shelving:

- Slotted angle shelving can be used to store goods in warehouses as well as to display products.

- Being made entirely from steel.

- An economic system for a huge range of applications.

- Adaptable to all storage needs.

- Versatility in design.

- Easily disassembling and transporting.

- 100% accessibility to individual products.

- Low investment costs.

- Used to store light goods in multiple fields.




Slotted angle shelving