6 industrial storage racking optimizing for warehouse

08:40 AM, 21/02/2020

Industrial storage racking is often heavy duty racks, with capacity loads from 500 - 3000 kg/pallet. Products are loaded and unloaded mainly by forklifts. They are commonly used in manufacturing, distributors, logistics... However, industrial racks have many different types, and you have to learn about the features of each type of them to choose the optimal design for your warehouse. Eurorack will help you find out through the following article.

storage racking
Industrial storage racking

6 industrial storage racking for enterprises

1. Selective racking

Selective pallet racking is a system that is popularly used not only in the industry. This racking has many advantages such as high flexibility, direct access to the goods, store a variety of products, suitable for all types of forklifts. As a result, the management of goods in the warehouse is extremely simple, the investment costs are low, and the operation process goes smoothly without any difficulties.

selective racking
Selective racks in industrial warehouses

For industries like manufacturing, assembly, mechanics ... need to preserve many details, raw materials, Selective system is the appropriate choice.

2. Double Deep racking system

Double Deep pallet racking is created by two racks set up back to back. This design helps to increase the storage capacity due to the reduction of aisle space for forklifts. However, this system is not as widely used as Selective racking, because the possibility of directly access to pallets is only 50%. Furthermore, you need to take goods outside first to take goods inside.

double deep racking
Double Deep industrial storage racking

Although Double Deep storage racking has some disadvantages, it is still a great solution to increase storage capacity. You can contact Eurorack via hotline: 0938 520 379, and we will help you know whether Double Deep racks system is the optimal choice for your warehouse.

3. Industrial Drive In pallet racks

Drive In racks can use up to 70% of the warehouse area due to eliminating space for aisles. Pallets are placed on the support rails of system, and forklifts have to move into Drive In racking to load and unload goods. The system is appropriate fo storing homogeneous products. In case there are mutiple types of goods, each type should be divided and arranged on different rows of racks.

drive in racking system
Drive In racking for homogeneous products

In many warehouses, Drive In racking is often used in combination with Selective or Double Deep system. This industrial storage racking solution will help you store your products more flexible.

4. Cantilever racking

Cantilever storage system is a solution to store large and bulky goods. Loading and unloading items takes place easily due to not being entangled by columns. This system is commonly used in the industry of manufacturing steel, wood, furniture... Besides, we can add some extra components such as wheels, wire mesh to store smaller sized goods.

cantilever racking
Cantilever racks for containing steel

5. Industrial mould storage racking system

Mould racking is used to store super heavy goods with a weight of up to 1000 kg, which exceed the load of other systems. Large equipment and machinery in industries are often contained by this system. We can add cranes to the structure to support loading and unloading products.

mould storage racking
Mould racking for industrial goods

6. Carton Flow rack system

Carton Flow Rack is not a heavy duty rack, it is used to store small products such as components, spare parts... in industrial warehouse. Products can be placed in cartons without using pallets. As a result, the aisle space is reduced and helps to save storage space.

Carton Flow system take up less space than spare parts racking or slotted angle shelving. Goods slide automatically from high position to low position, so you can reduce labor costs by up to 75%. Furthermore, managing inventory is very simple and takes less time.

Carton flow racking

Investment costs for industrial storage racking

The above racks are the ones widely used in industry. Depending on the type of racks you choose and your product characteristics, Eurorack will calculate the specifications of the system and offer different quotes. You can refer to the following article to estimate you investment costs.

>>>Warehouse rack quotes of Eurorack<<<

To get the most accurate quotes for your warehouse system. Please contact Eurorack via hotline: 0938 520 379.

Eurorack industrial storage racking

Eurorack is one of the leading brands in manufacturing and constructing storage system in Vietnam. Over 10 years of operation and development, we have been constantly researching and applying modern technology, importing lines from Japan and Europe in order to improve product quality and maximize benefits for our customers.

Industrial storage racking of Eurorack
Industrial storage racking of Eurorack

Eurorack has been the supplier of storage racking systems for famous brands in Vietnam such as DKSH, Friesland Campina, Lotte Mart, Nestle, ... Product quality and customer benefits are always our top priority. If you are looking for industrial storage racking for your storage system, contact Eurorack to get advice from our expets and the optimal solution for your warehouse.

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