Metal surface treatment process

10:58 AM, 15/02/2020

Steel surface is treated with chemicals before powder coating stage. This is the process for the best preparing the film needed for the powder to stick. To help customers understand Eurorack's production activities, we introduce to you our metal surface treatment process through the following article.

metal surface treatment processEurorack's metal surface treatment process

Eurorack's metal surface treatment process is done by soaking the steel in the following 7 tanks:

Tank 1: Oil removing

Steel surfaces are covered by grease and oil after manufacturing, and these interfere with rust removal chemicals in direct contact with the metal. Therefore, Eurorack uses organic solvents to clean the surfaces. The chemicals do not affect steel materials at normal temperatures.

Tank 2: Rinsing

Soak the product in an overflowing water tank to clean up any chemicals that are left on the surface.

Tank 3: Oxide removing

Metal surfaces are usually covered with a layer of oxide. Eurorack uses 98% H2SO4 to remove this rust.

Tank 4: Rinsing

Soak the steel in a second overflowing tank to clean acid from the product surfaces.

Tank 5: Surfactant

Eurorack uses surfactant chemical to reduce the product’s surface tension and makes the phosphate process faster and smoother.

Tank 6: Phosphate stage

The phosphate is coated on the surfaces of the items. Those layers are blue gray, smooth, and have good rust resistance. The phosphate coatings provide the films needed for powders to stick.

Tank 7: Rinsing

Rinsing products in an overflowing water tank before the powder coating.

Eurorack hopes with the information above, you will understand our metal surface treatment process. This process helps to remove any grease, oil and oxides... and to provide the film needed for the powder to stick. If you have any questions about our process, contact us to get an answer from our experts.

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