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Racking quotes of Eurorack

10:01 AM, 25/09/2020

You want to install a racking system for your warehouse but don't know which rack to choose? You need a specific quote to calculate your investment costs? Understanding customers' worries, Eurorack gives you a sample of warehouse rack quotes through the following article. According to this information, you can make the right decision for your business.

warehouse racking
Consult Eurorack's warehouse rack quotes

Warehouse rack quotes for some racking systems

In order for customers to estimate the investment cost of storage racks, Eurorack brings you the reference quotes of the following racking system.

No Racking Price (VNĐ) Details
1 Selective rack 2.500.000 - 5.000.000 vnđ/set (100 - 220 USD/set) Click here
2 Drive In rack 2.500.000 - 5.000.000 vnđ/set (100 - 220 USD/set) Click here
3 VNA rack 2.500.000 - 5.000.000 vnđ/set (100 - 220 USD/set) Click here
4 Double Deep rack 2.500.000 - 5.000.000 vnđ/set (100 - 220 USD/set) Click here
5 Medium rack 2.500.000 - 4.000.000 vnđ/set (100 - 180 USD/set) Click here
6 Slotted angle shelving 800.000 - 2.000.000 vnđ/set (35 - 90 USD/set) Click here
7 Mezzanine floor Contact: (028) 39 953 088 Click here
8 Cantilever rack Contact: (028) 39 953 088 Click here

Note: This quotation can be changed depending on the information provided by the customer and actual survey results. In addition, the prices also change over time based on market fluctuations.

Contact Eurorack to get an accurate quote.

Telephone: (028) 39 953 088

Product information: Storage rack

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With the above price list, you can estimate the investment costs for your warehouse. However, to make the right decision, you should refer to the following information.

4 factors help you determine the investment costs of storage racking

There are 4 factors that greatly affect warehouse rack quotes:

1. Materials for manufacturing racking system

Depending on the manufacturer, the type of steel may vary. High-quality steel costs more to invest. However, your storage system will be guaranteed quality. The damage cases are limited to a minimum, and businesses can save on repair and maintenance costs.

warehouse rack quotes 2
Input steel material
warehouse rack quotes 3\
Steel racking

In addition, the force that exerts a strong impact on the shelves during use such as forklifts accidentally bumping into the steel does not cause the steel to warp. This helps to ensure safety and life for workers. The biggest advantage is the long service life, usually more than 10 years, many cases can be more than 20 years. Therefore, the investment cost will be much lower than the use of low quality racks in the long run, despite the higher initial warehouse racking quotes.

Limiting the possibility of damage due to forklift collision

Lower quality steel materials help businesses reduce the burden of investment costs but this will increase the ability of incidents and damage. In fact, many companies have chosen suppliers through low warehouse rack quotes and completely ignored quality standards. As a result, their warehouse system has been tilted, warped ... only after 2 - 5 years of use, and must be completely replaced when less than 10 years.

Eurorack's advice: Balance between quality and cost of investment to get the optimal choice.

Eurorack is one of the leading brands in manufacturing and construction of  Racking systems, Mezzanine floors, Steel Pallets,… in Vietnam. Our production lines are imported from Europe and Japan, and comply with ISO 9001: 2015. With Eurorack, quality is always the top priority

warehouse rack quotes 6
The partners supply steel materials to Eurorack

2. Specifications of racking system affect warehouse rack quotes

Based on the parameters that customers provide and actual surveys, racking manufacturers will calculate racking specifications. And then, the drawings are designed, the supplies are calculated and the quotes are made.

You need to provide the following information for Eurorack to calculate the costs:

  • Warehouse layout: It helps Eurorack to get an overview of your warehouse system and we base on that to offer some solutions. In case you do not have any warehouse layout, we will have a support staff to help you.
  • Product information: Product dimensions affect the rack's designs and the storage weight will determine the steel thickness. This information will help determine the specifications racking system and affect the warehouse rack quotes.
  • Pallet specifications: The dimension and structure of the pallets also affects the rack drawings. For instance, some businesses use plastic pallets to store heavy goods. In this case, the racking design needs to be added support bars to support the bearing and keeping the pallets from warping and falling off the system.
  • Environment: Environmental factors also affect materials of the racks such as temperature, humidity...
Pallet (mm) 800 x 1200 1000 x 1200 1200 x 1000
Forklift (mm) 800 1000 1200
Beam Standard 2700 2300 2700
No.of Pallet/Bay 3 2 2

Pallet dimensions affect the designs of storage racks

In some cases, you need to provide more information. We will combine with the information from our staff's survey to calculate the specifications of the racking system and give an accurate price.

3. Additional parts

Customers sometimes require additional steel plates, wire mesh... to support the storage. The cost of these components can be added to the quotes.

warehouse rack quotes 7
Adding steel plates to the racking system

4. Other costs

Delivery costs are also an important part of your consideration. In some cases, shipping charges are paid by the buyer but are not included in the quote. These are usually specified in the contract. Eurorack advises you not to skip this when considering racking investment costs.

warehouse rack quotes 8
Shipping cost

Do not forget to calculate the cost of inspection in case your company requires testing the racking system. This cost is not mentioned in the contract or warehouse rack quotes. Inspection fees are usually paid by your side. In case your order is of great value, the manufacturer can pay this cost for you. Discuss with them about the issue if your business requires it!

warehouse rack quotes 9
Inspection costs

Select a reputable manufacturer

To decide which manufacturer constructs the storage racking for your warehouse, you should focus on quality first, then price. In addition, contact reputable manufacturers to avoid buying low-quality products.

Select a reputable manufacturer to get accurate quotes

Eurorack Mechanical Joint Stock Company is one of the leading brands in manufacturing and construction of  Racking systems, Mezzanine floors, Pallets,… in Vietnam. Our modern production lines are imported from Europe and Japan, and comply with ISO 9001: 2015. Eurorack’s products always ensure quality and meet requirements of all domestic and international customers such as: Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia…

Over 10 years of research and development, we have been improving our operation process to enhance the product quality, offer lots of  better solutions, reduce investment costs and operating costs for the customers.

Our warehouse rack quotes are always carefully calculated to bring maximum benefit to our customers. Become an Eurorack customer to get an optimal storage solution for your warehouse.

Some images of the Eurorack's constructions

eurorack racking
Drive In pallet racking
vna racking
VNA system
push back system
Push Back racking
selective rackingsystem
Selective pallet racking
cantilever racking
Cantilever Racking
We hope the above information will help you get the appropriate warehouse rack quotes for your enterprise. Contact Eurorack to get advice from our experts.

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