What is Push Back racking? How does it work? Eurorack Storage System Solution

10:36 AM, 19/06/2021

Push Back racking is a heavy duty rack used in warehouses with high density of goods. Allowing pallet storage on both sides of the aisle. Understanding the structure, operating principles and features of this system helps you know if this is the best solution for your warehouse. Please refer to the article below with Eurorack!



push back racking

Push Back system significantly reduce aisles and maximize storage density


What is Push Back racking?

Push Back racking is a method that allows pallets to be stored on both sides of the aisle, containing from 2 to 6 pallets, thereby increasing the storage density significantly 3 times compared to other systems.

Each Push Back pallet racking consists of a rail designed to lean toward the import or export direction and a series of stacked sledges, placed on the track.

Depending on the storage strategy, amount of inventory and space of the warehouse, the number of sleds can be customized. But usually they will typically range from 2 to 5 units.

push back rack system
Push Back rack system store heavy loads, suitable for all warehouses

How does Push Back rack system work?

If a lane contains 4 pallets, the track has 3 interlocking trolleys. The Push Back rack works according to the following principles:

Loading: The first pallet to be put on the rack by the forklift. The operator moves the 2nd pallet. When it reaches the top of the shelf, the 2nd pallet will push the first back in and fill the empty position. Similarly, the 3rd pallet pushes back the first 2 pallets. The process continues until the last pallet also pushes back the first 3 pallets.

Unloading: Pallet is imported last, exported first. Because the track design is inclined towards the aisle, so that the operator unloads the pallet closest to the aisle, pallets behind it will slide along the track running towards the aisle. The removed pallet acts as the brake for the following pallets. Waiting until the operator takes the first pallet, pallets are then taken out one by one.



Excellent advantages of Push Back pallet racking

Why is the this system easily "attractive" to many investors?

- Push Back pallet racking is considered to be the most optimal storage solution for warehouses with a narrow area but large quantity storage requirements.

- Reducing aisle space, turning empty space into a high-density pallet storage solution.

- Storing multiple SKUs of medium to high volume.

- The capacity is similar to Drive in rack, but the selectivity feature is improved.

- The speed of import and export rises rapidly: pallets move quickly on the slide. The operator does not need to spend lots of time and effort moving the forklift into the system.

Thanks to that, the possibility of a collision between the forklift and the package is reduced, avoiding unfortunate incidents.

It isn’t difficult to understand why Push Back rack is now being used by businesses.

push back
Push Back pallet racking increases double or triple the available storage



Push Back pallet racking benefits

As long as businesses need to optimize warehouse and improve storage density, Pusk Back rack is the brightest candidate.

- With a large load capacity, at least 500kg/pallet, shelves for storing large quantities of industrial materials and finished products for warehouses.

- Preservation of large volumes of import and export goods operates on the principle of LIFO.

- Applied in countless fields of heavy industry such as mechanical engineering, automobile manufacturing.

- Even in harsh conditions, Push Back pallet racking still ensures solid durability, so it is very popular with frozen, canned or dry products.

With its superior features, Push Back pallet system is used in all fields and industries.

pallet racking system with push back
This system stores a variety of items, suitable for any space

Notes when using Push Back

There are some notes when using Push Back racking. They help the system to extend its life.

Weight: Absolutely do not let the pallet contain too much load, this causes racking to reduce its bearing capacity, more seriously, to break.

Rails: The rails must be fixed and consistent with the pallet size to avoid the deviation causing costly problems.

Forklift: Ensure smooth operation, do not suddenly lose control.

pallet racking system

Why should you choose Eurorack's Push Back racking?

Operating for more than 10 years, Eurorack owns a factory of more than 10,000 square meters and a team of highly experienced engineers. We proud to be the leading prestigious supplier of storage racks in Vietnam.

- Eurorack’s Push Back racking system utilizes up to 90% of warehouse space.

- Each lane can contain a specific SKU, facilitating the management of a wide variety of items in a limited space.

- The whole system meets ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, durable hardness, very long life.

- 200% more selectivity than monolithic warehouse racking systems.

push back warehouse
Eurorack provides the most prestigious Push Back racking system in Vietnam


Rugged rail design, machined from high-strength steel ensures absolutely safety during using. The number and size of sliders depend on the depth and load of pallet.

The sliding lane is equipped with rubber bumpers, which reduce friction and create a quiet stop for the pallet while the forklift is picking up the goods. In addition, the rails are designed with knurling to prevent the wheels from dislocating while moving.

Each trolley is equipped with 8620 wheels from hardened and durable stainless steel, reinforcing the heavy load capacity of the general structure.

Directly manufacturing and distributing, Eurorack ensures fast and accurate machining, shortening transportation and assembly time.

We do not put the product through any distributors, ensuring the price is always at the most appropriate level.

From the majestic cold storage to the media warehouse in tight spaces, Eurorack can design individual models, so that Eurorack’s proposal is the best solution for your warehouse.

pusb back eurorack
pallet push back


push back racking
warehouse racking system
Eurorack’s Push Back racking is beautiful, durable, European quality standard

If you have a need to use the Push Back pallet racking, please call us at the toll free number 0938.520.379 for the earliest support!

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