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11:44 AM, 14/12/2021

You are looking for an effective storage solution, capable of meeting all storage density requirements, capable of withstanding large loads and especially helping to achieve high storage efficiency on a warehouse floor max. Right here, finding information and learning about that solution will be discussed in detail by Eurorack. Double Deep racking is a product that helps solve all your problems in the most effective and optimal way. Don't miss the important information in this article.

Double Deep racking works for cold storage with capacity of 500kg/pallet

What is the Double Deep Racking?

Double Deep Racking is the special pallet racking, make up of 2 rows of Selective rack facing each other. The system allows to store goods in 2 depths instead of 1 like other single shelves.

With the above storage method, the warehouse not only optimizes the warehouse space but also facilitates the warehouse operator to access and manipulate goods easily.

double deep rack
Double Deep - Smart warehouse shelf for goods weighing up to 500kg

Detailed structure of Double Deep shelf

Similar to many other popular types of shelves, they include 6 main parts, however the difference is that the number of those parts will be greater because this is a double shelf model put together. Those 6 parts include:

Column truss

Also called load-bearing column frame, because the entire volume of goods when loaded on the shelves will be concentrated in this part. That's why they often use high-standard raw steel bars to ensure quality and durability.

Frame link bar

Technically also known as "cross bracing", this part has the function of dispersing the bearing force evenly throughout the entire system, avoiding the concentration of mass in one place. They are directly connected between two load-bearing iron bars.

Beam bar

This is where the pallet containing goods is placed directly on it, through the beam bar hook it can easily be fixed to the shelf through 2 pedestal frames. During use, this part can be customized to create a suitable distance for storing different types of goods.

Power bar

As an auxiliary component, with the function of supporting goods, they are bolted perpendicularly to the two beam bars to help make the storage process safer and help the beam bear more stable force when containing goods for a period of time.

Protection column

These are base plates that are covered under each pillar leg to increase the contact area with the floor, thereby creating more stability and solidity, avoiding movement during operation.

Protective barrier

These are rows of fences surrounding the base of the shelf to minimize the risk of the forklift moving too far during operation, causing collisions that cause damage and collapse. 

Guiding iron bar

There is a navigation function for pallets containing goods every time they are brought into the system, avoiding situations where pallets are dislodged from shelves.


  • Allowable weight: ≥ 500 kg/pallet.

  • Omega legs perforated with anti-rust powder coating. The main feature helps increase the capacity to hold heavy goods.

  • The maximum height of the shelf con reach 12m.

  • Shelves usually have a depth of 1200mm - 4500mm. Besides, the width is equivalent to a height of 8 - 12m. It even goes beyond this standard to accommodate larger warehouses.

  • At each shelf level, can use 2 - 4 pallets to store goods.

  • Applying 2 very modern and high-quality surface treatment techniques of Double Deep: Galvanizing and powder coating (European standards).

  • Manufactured on imported machinery and technology lines, meeting ISO 9001:2015 quality safety standards.

  • Support bars can sometimes be made in the form of cylindrical steel bars, or rectangular steel bars, each shelf level is equivalent to 3-8 bars (depending on shelf size).

  • The details are linked together with bolts and screws so users can adjust them easily and flexibly.

double deep racking
Double Deep racking system doubles the storage density compared to a single rack

Outstanding advantages of Double Deep Racking System

  • The aisle space is greatly reduced, thus doubling the storage density.

  • Maintain high selectivity, problem of unrestricted access to pallets.

  • Pallet access is relatively quick.

  • Reasonable investment costs with smart storage solutions.

  • Support to hold various SKUs on the rack.

  • Good inventory control.

  • Import and export take place regularly but still ensure high quality standards.
    This is a smart storage system that can be structured to better suit the industry characteristics.

  • Protected with a layer of electrostatic painting or galvanizing to inhibit agents that damage the shelf surface. In addition, using Double Deep shelves is considered one of the extremely effective ways to prevent fires and explosions.

  • You can choose to use it more optimally and make the most of warehouse space to improve storage efficiency by combining with Selective racking system, this is also something that businesses are really looking to invest.

double deep rack system
Double Deep heavy duty racking system allows flexible dismantling

Limitations of the Double Deep shelf system

Besides the financial advantages and intangible values, Double Deep shelves also have some limitations, typically the shelf management form is somewhat less flexible than Selective shelves, making it difficult to access the shelves. Access and retrieve products previously imported into the system. On the other hand, it hinders the inventory management and control process, easily causing loss and quantity discrepancies. Sometimes it's past its expiration date.

On the other hand, to be able to use and operate this type of shelf in the most convenient way also requires the homeowner to spend a large amount of money to invest in specialized forklift equipment, because its advantages cause out this drawback. They are so deep that forklift equipment that can move the loading arm outward is required to reach and sample pallets deep within the row of shelves.

However, the values ​​that Double Deep shelves bring are so many and great that their limitations are not enough to reduce the appeal of this shelf line.

Genuine price list of Double Deep Eurorack shelves

Price for a set of Double Deep shelves can range from 2.500.000 - 5.500.000 VND. Note, this is only a reference price for a single set, not applicable to all specifications as per your request.

You know, the needs of users are actually very diverse, because each business has different products, different volumes and quantities needed and warehouse areas are also diverse, not to mention the market. The current volatile market in the iron and steel industry also has a significant impact on shelf prices, so the time to decide to place shelves is also very important. That's why it's difficult to give you an exact price. To receive a specific number, all you need to do is provide enough relevant data for us to review and calculate.

Below is some information we need you to provide:

  • Warehouse size: Width, length, height and area to be subtracted.

  • Goods size: What is the maximum weight of a package, 3 dimensions: length, width, height. Are they all consistent or different?

  • Desired shelf parameters: Number of storage floors, desired load per floor.

  • Some special requirements: Color, surface treatment technique, additional dimensions of barriers or protective posts or fence nets to prevent goods from falling.

  • Necessary time: After completing this data, you will definitely receive the most accurate quote that our team offers. Or your journey will go faster by contacting the hotline for support. Hotline: 0938 520 379.

In addition, you can refer to some other warehouse shelf models right here >>> Racking quotes of Eurorack <<<

How it works

The goods are stacked scientifically along the aisle and parallel to the other racks the inner package is only taken out when the front parcel is unloaded first, so this system works. on the principle of LIFO ie Goods in last will be exported first.

The operator cannot directly access the inner pallets. Therefore, the system must use a forklift fork lift. In some cases, with conventional trucks with reach, just being equipped with a fork attachment can handle all internal reach operations well.

Learning more detail about LIFO method:

Typical Applications

With a series of outstanding advantages as mentioned above, Double Deep Racking deserves to be the first choice for typical warehouses such as:

  • Cold storage
  • Food & Beverage
  • Consumer goods
  • Ball pack, pack

Most of the items with short storage time, large quantities requiring continuous access speed are very popular with Double Deep Rack. In contrast, perishable goods are not recommended for Double Deep.

An important thing you also need to note, as mentioned in the disadvantages of shelves, is that the ability to access pallets containing goods deep inside is poor, so Double shelves are only suitable for use. at warehouses with the same product category. Or if there are too many SKU codes, you need to allocate positions to separate these product codes from each other.

double deep racking system
Eurorack specializes in manufacturing Double Deep Racking System

Why should you choose Eurorack's Double Deep Racking?

More than 10 years of establishment and development, Eurorack JSC is proud to be the leading unit in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing pallet warehouse racking.

Eurorack's racking system complies with quality standards: All details from the base frame to the rails are carefully machined and sprayed with high-grade powder coating. Extremely resistant to rust and abrasion.

Active in all resources for production, transportation and installation, Eurorack JSC is committed to giving customers the best price without intermediaries. 

In the journey to bring the most effective and optimal storage solutions for businesses, Eurorack has received the trust and companionship of thousands of projects, including the world's leading units such as Nestle and Pepsico, DKSH. To receive those valuable handshakes requires Eurorack to demonstrate technological processes in production as well as a number of recognized strict standards to ensure trust in quality.

The Eurorack's Double Deep racking Projects

Double Deep Eurorack racking construction in cold storage
Double Deep 7-storey cold storage shelf project
pallet racking
Double Deep shelf project in Quang Ninh
eurorack double deep
Construction of shelves combined with Selective & Double Deep
double deep system
Double Deep shelf project in Bac Ninh cold storage
double deep racking eurorack
Double Deep shelf project in Bac Ninh cold storage
double deep system
Eurorack Double deep pallet storage rack
the warehouse double deep
Eurorack Double deep pallet storage rack

Above are detailed information about Double Deep Racking, hope to give you useful suggestions and choose the right shelf for your warehouse.

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