Double Deep Racking System – Smart Warehouse Solution

11:44 AM, 14/12/2021

Learning the structural features and specifications of double deep shelves. Considering whether this is really the optimal solution for your warehouse?

Double Deep racking works for cold storage with capacity of 500kg/pallet

1. What is the Double Deep Racking?

Double Deep Racking is the special pallet racking, make up of 2 rows of Selective rack facing each other. The system allows to store goods in 2 depths instead of 1 like other single shelves.

With the above storage method, the warehouse not only optimizes the warehouse space but also facilitates the warehouse operator to access and manipulate goods easily.

double deep rack
Double Deep - Smart warehouse shelf for goods weighing up to 500kg

2. Specifications

  • Weight: ≥ 500 kg/pallet.
  • Omega legs perforated with anti-rust powder coating.
  • Maximum height 10m.
  • Shelves usually have a depth of 1200mm - 4500mm.
  • Can use 2 - 4 pallets to store goods.
double deep racking
Double Deep racking system doubles the storage density compared to a single rack

3. Outstanding advantages of Double Deep Racking System

  • The aisle space is greatly reduced, thus doubling the storage density.
  • Maintain high selectivity, problem of unrestricted access to pallets.
  • Pallet access is relatively quick.
  • Reasonable investment costs with smart storage solutions.
  • Support to hold various SKUs on the rack.
  • Good inventory control.
  • Import and export take place regularly but still ensure high quality standards.
    This is a smart storage system that can be structured to better suit the industry characteristics.
double deep rack system
Double Deep heavy duty racking system allows flexible dismantling

4. How it works

The goods are stacked scientifically along the aisle and parallel to the other racks the inner package is only taken out when the front parcel is unloaded first, so this system works. on the principle of LIFO ie Goods in last will be exported first.

The operator cannot directly access the inner pallets. Therefore, the system must use a forklift fork lift. In some cases, with conventional trucks with reach, just being equipped with a fork attachment can handle all internal reach operations well.

Learning more detail about LIFO method:


5. Typical Applications

With a series of outstanding advantages as mentioned above, Double Deep Racking deserves to be the first choice for typical warehouses such as:

  • Cold storage
  • Food & Beverage
  • Consumer goods
  • Ball pack, pack

Most of the items with short storage time, large quantities requiring continuous access speed are very popular with Double Deep Rack. In contrast, perishable goods are not recommended for Double Deep.

double deep racking system
Eurorack specializes in manufacturing Double Deep Racking System

6. Why should you choose Eurorack's Double Deep Racking?

More than 10 years of establishment and development, Eurorack JSC is proud to be the leading unit in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing pallet warehouse racking.

Eurorack's racking system complies with quality standards: All details from the base frame to the rails are carefully machined and sprayed with high-grade powder coating. Extremely resistant to rust and abrasion.

Active in all resources for production, transportation and installation, Eurorack JSC is committed to giving customers the best price without intermediaries.

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7. The Eurorack's Double Deep racking Projects


pallet racking
eurorack double deep
double deep system
double deep racking eurorack
double deep system
the warehouse double deep

Above are detailed information about Double Deep Racking, hope to give you useful suggestions and choose the right shelf for your warehouse.

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