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The cold storage system is increasingly popular and developed to meet the increasing needs of the society. However, the cost of investing in this system is too expensive, and every additional square meter will bring a burden for businesses in operating their warehouses. The optimal solution for this problem is to maximize the storage density to reduce the warehouse area. Understanding customers' difficulties, Eurorack brings you the following racking systems for cold storage.


racking system for cold storage 1Racking system for cold storage


1. Drive In System


Drive In pallet racking is the leading choice of many enterprises. The number of aisles is minimized, so the storage density of this system increases very high, can use from 70% - 80% of the warehouse area. The forklift moves directly into the rack to load and unload goods. Having many advantages but low investment cost makes Drive In pallet racking become superior.


The largest disadvantage of this system is its poor access to goods. Therefore, Drive In rack is only suitable for storing homogeneous products. In addition, because the forklift must move into the rack, drivers are required to have control experience to limit collisions in racking system for cold storage.


racking system for cold storage 2Drive In system – The optimal solution for cold storage


2. Double Deep pallet racking


Cold storage does not always store only one type of product, so Drive In racking is not the optimal choice for all cases. Double Deep pallet rack will be a great solution for your business this time. The design has more aisles to increase the ability to direct access to products up to 50%.


Storage density is lower than Drive In pallet racking, but you can store a variety of items. Furthermore, the loading and unloading speed is also significantly improved and appropriate for warehouses requiring continuous transportation. Double Deep racking for cold storage requires the use of special forklift to be able to take goods deep inside the system.


racking system for cold storage 3Double Deep rack stores a variety of items


3. VNA system


VNA racking system will be an appropriate choice for cold storage with high roofs. Its maximum height can be up to 17m. Besides, the width of the aisle is also significantly reduced to increase the capacity of storage for your business. The ability to directly access goods of this rack is up to 100%.


The disadvantage of VNA rack is that you must use a specialized forklift (reach truck), which has high reach and moves well in narrow spaces. Investment costs for this forklift are quite expensive. Calculate the cost carefully before choosing this type!


racking system for cold storage 4Effectively utilize the height of the warehouse


4. Radio Shuttle


Radio Shuttle is a semi-automated storage system. Its design is similar to Drive pallet racking, but with additional rails and radio shuttle cars. The radio shuttle cars is responsible for moving products in and out of the rack, so the forklifts do not need to move inside and the risk of collisions is reduced. Export and import speed is also significantly increased. Another advantage of this cold storage racking system is that it can flexibly change between FIFO and LIFO. This makes inventory management simple for your enterprise.


The investment cost for the radio shuttle is quite high. However, you can solve this problem by using one or several radio shuttle cars for the entire system. This solution helps you reduce the burden of capital, and every business can equip this racking system for their warehouses.


racking system for cold storage 5Apply semi-automated racking system for cold storage


5. Mobile pallet racking


Mobile rack is the perfect solution for cold storage warehouses. This system only uses a single aisle and the position of the racks can be changed according to your requirements. Thanks to this feature, the mobile pallet racking has extremely high density, may be higher than Drive In rack, but still has 100% direct access to goods.


The biggest challenge for enterprises is the high investment costs. Even large companies have difficulties in using capital to invest in mobile racking. Furthermore, the construction of mobile rack also makes you take a lot of time. Therefore, it is rarely chosen by businesses.


racking system for cold storage 6Increase storage capacity to the maximum by mobile rack


6. Pallets for racking of cold storage


Wooden pallet is the lowest cost pallet available today. It can be used for cool storage with temperature not below 100C and not too wet. Its limitation is that it can only store light items and is very difficult to clean.


racking system for cold storage 7Wooden pallet for cool storage


Plastic pallet is widely used due to its greater load capacity. In addition, it is also less affected by water and temperature. This pallet has a long service life, high durability and easy cleaning, so it can meet the needs of many racking systems for cold storage.


racking system for cold storage 8Plastic pallet for cold storage


Steel pallet has the most advantages in all types of pallets. Its large load capacity and long-term use make them outstanding and appropriate for a lot of cold storage. Furthermore, this type of pallet can withstand well in storage conditions extremely harsh. In addition, you can also reuse steel pallets many times.


racking system for cold storage 9Long term use with steel pallets


Eurorack hopes the above information will help you solve your problem. And to get the right choice for your racking system for cold storage, contact us for useful advice from our experts!


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