Aluminum & Steel

Iron, aluminum or steel are usually long and their size is not stable. Therefore, the storage and preservation of them cause many difficulties for enterprises. To solve this problem, cantilever rack was created. It is designed for the storage of non-fixed size goods. Eurorack will help you learn about some designs of this system.



Cantilever racking L and T


Cantilever racking system has a lot of different designs. It can store goods on one or both sides. Cantilever racking shaped L is the type that uses only one side to store goods and can be placed close to the warehouse wall to make the most of area advantage. Cantilever rack shaped T stores more products by using both sides of the system.


rack for aluminum and steel 2Cantilever racking shaped L


rack for aluminum and steel 3Cantilever rack shaped T


Put the goods upright with a rack shaped A


Cantilever system is usually designed to place items horizontally. However, goods need to be stored vertically to facilitate the loading and unloading in some cases. At the moment, cantilever racking shaped A will be the optimal soluion for your businesses. This rack can place goods both horizontally and vertically, which gives you flexibility in storing aluminum and steel.


rack for aluminum and steel 4Cantilever racking shaped A to store goods


Some designs of arms


Arms have a variety of models, which can be tilted or straightened according to the your requirements. In addition to the basic details, Cantilever system can also add other components to store goods of special shape and size.


rack for aluminum and steel 5Diversity of arm design


Additional roof supports to preserve goods outdoors


In some cases where the goods must be placed outdoors, we should design additional roofs to preserve goods better. This helps limit the impact of sun and rain, keep aluminum and steel from rust and ensure product quality for businesses.


rack for aluminum and steel 6Additional roof for storing aluminum and steel outdoors


We hope the above information will help you to make the right decision for your enterprise. Contact us for a free advice from Eurorack's experts, and get an effective aluminum and steel storage solution.





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