Filing cabinet

Filing cabinet is an essential items in every enterprise. They help store personal belongings and preserve important documents. Besides ensuring certainty and security, the cabinet must be beautiful and help the office become luxurious and professional. Eurorack will help you offer some advice to choose a suitable locker for your office.


filing cabinet 1Choose the ideal filing cabinet for your business


1. Material for filing cabinet


Locker cabinets are made of many different materials such as wood, plastic and iron. You should choose the material depending on the work environment. In conditions of high temperature and humidity, which are common in factories or warehouses, steel cabinets should be the optimal choice. Because the wood is easily affected by water and termites, and the plastic will warp and crack when exposed to high temperatures.


Wooden fcabinet and plastic cabinet will be more beautiful than steel filing cabinet and suitable for offices, where the environment is not harsh. However, the iron locker is still the first choice for files that require high security.


filing cabinet 2Steel filing cabinet


2. Design for filing cabinet


Locker cabinets have different designs and numbers of compartments, which is convenient for your company in choosing the approrpiate cabinet model. Lockers may or may not have a base and can add wheels to move easily when needed.


For small-sized factories and enterprises with few employees, cabinets can be designed with 3, 8, 9 or 12 compartments... The other companies with a large number of employees can use lockers with 16 or more compartments.


filing cabinet 3Choose the right filing cabinet design


With the above information, Erorack hopes you can choose the ideal filing cabinet for your business. If you have any questions, contact us to get advice from our experts.





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