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To meet the growing demands of society, fast-moving consumer warehouses are built more and more with largerer scale and capacity. They require the ability to continuously transport goods. Therefore, how to manage and store goods effectively is always a big challenge for companies. To help you resolve your difficulties, Eurorack offers some of the following racking system for consumer goods.


racking system for consumer goods 1Racking system for consumer goods


1. Selective racking system


For FMCG warehouses, Selective pallet racking is the most ideal choice. Features of this warehouse system is that it has to store many different types of products. In particular, many items have short use time and need strictly controlling. In addition, consumer goods have a large consumption volume and require high and continuous import and export speed. Selective racking can meet these requirements perfectly.


Each pallet on the racking system for consumer goods is placed on a separate position and does not affect the others. The ability to directly access each item is up to100%. Wide aisles help forklifts move easily. Thanks to these advantages, the Selective system certainly meets your expectations.


racking system for consumer goods 2Selective rack - The optimal solution


2. VNA system


High roof warehouses can use VNA shelves to store more goods. Its maximum height can be up to 17m. The width of the aisle is significantly narrowed. As a result, the amount of goods needed to be store increases up to 40% compared to Selective system. You can store more products in your inventory, but the ability to directly access goods is still up to 100%.


Loading and unloading speed of VNA is limited due to narrow aisles, but this is not a big problem for your warehouse. Forklift investment costs are something you need to consider carefully, because this is a specialized forklift (reach truck), which is expensive.


racking system for consumer goods 3VNA racks for high roof warehouses


3. Double Deep racking


Double Deep system is created by two racks set up back to back. Thanks to this design, the number of aisles is reduced and the storage capacity is increased. The disadvantage of this racking is that the ability to directly access goods is only 50%. In order to get the product inside, you need to move the item outside first. This will significantly affect the speed of freight movement in warehouses.


Despite the limited access to goods, Double Deep rack can help companies solve their storage problems. This racking system for consumer goods is the solution for warehouses that are limited in area but the number of products is large. Therefore, you have to consider and calculate carefully before choosing this racking.


racking system for consumer goods 4Increase storage density with Double Deep system


4. AS/RS


AS/RS is an automated storage system. Loading and unloading takes place automatically by software and robot, so warehouse'sproductivity is increased to the maximum. The warehouse is managed by software that helps limit the likelihood of theft, which often happens in large warehouses. This system is suitable for warehouses that have very large scale and capacity and require high transport speed.


The only disadvantage of ASRS racking is requiring a huge amount of capital. This is also the biggest barrier that most businesses can not choose this system. However, when you use the racking at the beginning, the operation of the warehouse will create many advantages for your enterprise. The first benefit is a huge savings labor costs and warehouse management costs.


racking system for consumer goods 5ASRS - automated racking system for consumer goods


5. Medium rack


The above mentioned racks are solutions for medium and large warehouses. For small warehouses, medium system should be the optimal choice. This racking has all the characteristics of Selective pallet rack but with a lower load. Goods to be stored are light, small in volume, and do not need the assistance of pallets. Loading and unloading can be done by hand or rolling ladder.


Medium rack is mainly used by small distributors and retailers because of its low investment cost. You can easily invest some racks in your warehouse.


racking system for consumer goods 6Medium system for small scale warehouses


6. Slotted angle shelves


For small fast-moving consumer warehouses, slotted angle shelving is also an appropriate choice. The load of this system is 300 kg/level and the investment cost is also lower than medium racking. Furthermore, you can use it to display products as needed


racking system for consumer goods 7Slotted angle shelf for light products


Eurorack hopes the information above will help you make the right decision for your racking system for consumer goods. However, there will be many problems arising in the design and the arrangement that you can not handle. Contact us to receive advice from our experts!


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