Textile industry is currently one of the leading industries of Vietnam. Factories are built on a larger scale. This will put businesses facing the challenge of optimizing their storage systems. Are you having trouble on this issue? Eurorack offers you the following textile racking solutions.


textile racking 1Textile racking


1. Garment racking


Garment racking is designed to store finished products of the textile industry. Hanging clothes on a rack helps you see the product more clearly. Therefore, you will easily classify and organize them rather than stacking into piles and putting them in the warehouse.


textile racking 2Garment racking


2. Selective system


Selective pallet racking is widely used in fabric warehouses, especially for storing large rolls of fabric. This textile racking is suitable to accommodate many items with different sizes and quantities in the textile industry. Thus, the classification and inventory management becomes extremely simple and convenient.


textile racking 3Selective rack for fabric warehouse


3. Drive In pallet racking


For warehouses that only need to store a single type of fabric, Drive In rack will be the better option. This system can use more than 70% of the warehouse area. The maximum elimination of aisles helps to increase the storage density to the highest level. However, only homogeneous goods can be stored, it is often used in combination with Selective rack.


textile racking 4Title Drive In racking contains homogeneous items


4. Medium racking system


Medium rack is often used to stored small rolls of fabric. This system has the same characteristics of Selective racking but with a lower load capacity (800 kg/level). Small warehouses mainly use medium racking system to store their goods.


textile racking 5Medium rack stores small rolls of fabric


5. Slotted angle shelf


For small warehouses with a small amount of fabric, slotted angle shelving will be the right choice to help your business save investment costs. Its maximum load capacity of this textile racking is 300 kg/level, which is suitable for storing lightweight fabric rolls. Besides, this system can also be used to display products as needed.


textile racking 6Slotted angle shelf for fabric warehouses


6. Mezzanine system


Large-scale manufacturing factories tend to use mezzanine floor to store goods. This textile racking efficiently takes advantage of the height of the warehouse. The racking system is designed into multiple floors and each floor is added with Selective pallet racking or medium rack to store fabrics. They make managing and classifying goods easy and convenient.


racking textile 7Mezzanine racking system for large warehouse


Eurorack hopes the above information will help you solve your storage problems. However, there are still a lot of difficulties for you to arrange your own textile racking system for efficient operation. Contact us to get advice for your questions!


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