Goods are produced more and more and the demand for packaging is increasing. Large production scale helps reduce packaging costs, which will help businesses gain advantages. Large scale requires the efficient storage system. Understanding this problem, Eurorack advises you on the following packaging solutions.


packaging solution 1Packaging solution


1. Selective pallet rack


Selective storage rack is the leading solution for your business. Its load capacity is large (1000 - 6000 kg/level) and easily meets all storage needs whether large sized or heavy load packaging.


In addition, Selective system allows you to store many different types of packaging and direct access to the goods. This helps businesses that produce many types of packaging can better load and unload goods and quickly manage inventory.


packaging solution 2Selective system contains large load packaging


2. Medium system


Using medium rack to store small and light weight packaging will helps businesses save more investment cost than Selective rack. The design is available with steel wheels. The maximum load is up to 800 kg/level. This system also helps you store a variety of products and can easily access the items.


packaging solution 3Store small packaging with a medium rack


3. Cantilever racking


In some cases, enterprises also use Cantilever racking system to store goods. However, this system is rarely used because it is difficult to store different sized packaging. Supporting racks can be designed to add steel wheels to store goods better.


packaging solution 4Cantilever racking for storing packaging


These are common racks used in packaging storage systems. Depending on product characteristics,  you may need special design solutions. If you have any questions, contact Eurorack to get free advice from our experts.





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