Safety is always a concern in the field of manufacturing and trading of chemicals. How to choose a storage rack to ensure both safety and convenience in loading and unloading is a matter of concern for many businesses. Understanding your problem, Eurorack offers some of the following chemical storage racks.


Chemical storage rack 1Chemical storage racks for businesses


1. Selective rack


The Selective rack is the optimal choice for dangerous chemicals which require to limit external impacts. The advantage of this system is that you can directly access to the required chemicals. This helps you limit the influence of nearby chemicals, the ability of chemicals falling off the rack and ensure safety.


Another advantage of Selective pallet racking is the ability to store many different types of chemicals. You can put many types of chemicals on the same rack instead of having separate system for each type. In addition, Selective rack has a large load capacity (500 - 6000 kg/level), which helps the enterprises store large amounts of their chemicals.


chemical storage rack 2Store chemicals with the Selective system


2. Medium rack


Similar to Selective system, medium rack also has direct access to each chemical. This helps minimize the possibility of collision with other chemicals. You can also store many different chemicals on it. Because medium rack is designed to have tole plates, you can put chemicals directly on the system without using pallets.


Using medium racking will save investment costs than Selective racking. Its load capacity is 300 - 800 kg/level. This system is appropriate for businesses that do not need to store lots of chemicals and the chemicals can be handled manually.


chemical storage rack 3Use medium rack to store chemicals


3. Drive In rack


Drive In system will be the right solution if your company has to store large quantities of homogeneous chemicals. This type of rack increases cargo density and saves warehouse area by reducing aisle for forklifts.


However, the access to chemicals of this system is less than Selective rack. It applies the last in first out inventory (LIFO). The chemicals also need to be safe and do not require avoiding external influences. In addition, the chemicals should be carefully packed, not leaking or dangerous in case of falling off the pallet racking.


chemical storage rack 4Store large quantities of homogeneous chemicals with Drive In rack


4. Stackable pallet


Using stackable pallets to store goods is an excellent solution for homogeneous chemical storage. This solution helps businesses save a lot of costs, because you do not have to invest in racks for storing chemicals. Pallets can be handled manually.


The chemicals do not require strict storage. And the stackable pallets are suitable for large and homogeneous products and easy to stack by hand.


chemical storage rack 5Save costs by using stackable pallets to store chemicals


We hope the above information will help you get the optimal storage solution for your warehouse. Depending on the chemicals to be stored, you may need special rack designs. Contact Eurorack for free expert advice and get the right choice for your enterprise.





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