Pharmaceutical storage should be qualified to ensure that drugs are stored properly and safely. In addition, the racking system should also be optimized to facilitate the management and loading and unloading process. Understanding this problem, Eurorack offers you the following medicine storage racks.


medicine storage rack 1Solutions for medicine storage rack


1. Selective racking


For factories and pharmaceutical warehouses with large-scale production, Selective system is the appropriate choice. This racking has many advantages such as: high storage capacity, diverse storage of drugs, easy loading and unloading... These make selective rack become the first choice of the business.


medicine storage rack 2Apply selective system for medicine storage rack


2. Carton Flow Rack


Carton Flow Rack is also widely used in drug storage similar to Selective rack. This design does not require much space for aisles and saves storage space. In addition, the rack applying FIFO inventory (first in - first out) is appropriate for medicines that have short use time and require strict management of loading and unloading goods.


medicine storage rack 3Carton Flow Rack for storing medicines


3. Medium rack


Medium rack is an appropriate choice for small scale pharmaceutical warehouses, drugstores and hospitals with low storage demand. It can store a lot of different types of medicines, directly accesses to each products and makes the inventory management easy.


medicine storage rack 4Medium system for medicine storage rack


4. Slotted angle shelving


Slotted angle shelving is used more widely by hospitals and pharmacies than medium rack. Because drugs are often light weight and do not require a high load capacity system. Besides, the investment cost of this shelf is also lower than medium rack.


medicine storage rack 5Slotted angle shelving for drugstore


The above solutions are medicine storage racks commonly used in pharmaceutical warehouses. Depending on each specific case, there will be special designs to bring greater efficiency to your business. Contact Eurorack for advice from experts.





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