Wood And Furniture

Wood and furniture are one of the advantages of Vietnam's industry. However, the size of goods is often large, causing difficulties in storing and preserving them. To help businesses solve this problem, Eurorack provides 3 storage solutions for wood and furniture.


storage solutions for wood and furniture 1Storage solutions for wood and furniture


1. Selective Rack


Wooden goods often have heavy weight and large size, so Selective pallet racking will be a suitable choice. Load capacity of this system is up to 6000 kg/level. Therefore, it can meet most of storage demands of enterprises.


In addition, Selective rack is highly flexible. The product is placed on each individual position without affecting the surrounding pallets. As a result, forklifts can access directly goods and loading and unloading takes place conveniently.


storage solutions for wood and furniture 2Selective rack for wood and furniture


2. Double Deep rack


In case the amount of goods is large, the businesses can use Double Deep pallet racking. This system is similar to Selective racking, but pallets are now stored two rows deep instead of one. The space for the aisle is reduced, thus increasing the storage area.


Although Double Deep rack supports businesses store more goods than Selective rack, it also has some disadvantages. The accessibility of it is only 50%. So, you have to move the pallet outside to get the one inside.This will cause difficulties in loading and unloading and is not suitable for warehouses requiring continuous import and export.


storage solutions for wood and furniture 3Increase storage density with Double Deep system


3. Cantilever Rack


Some wooden and plywood products are not stable in size and make it difficult to store with regular racks. So, Cantilever will be a great solution to help businesses solve this problem.


Cantilever rack has 2 popular design: one side and two sides. In addition, businesses can also use the A rack to store goods vertically. Products can be handled by forklift or directly by hand.


storage solutions for wood and furniture 4Use cantilever rack for goods of unstable size


We hope the above information will help you find a solution for your storage system for wood and furniture. To get the optimal design for your warehouse system, let Eurorack give you a hand.





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