Factories are constantly growing in Vietnam. However, many businesses still lack the support equipment and facilities that lead to inefficient operation. To support the further development of the mechanical industry, Eurorack offers you the following solutions.



1. Storage racking system


Storage racking system plays an extremely important role in mechanic factories. They assist enterprises to store goods, machines, and equipment. Selective rack, medium rack, slotted angle shelving, spare parts rack and mould rack are used widely in industry.


Selective pallet racking preserves heavy equipment. This system has high flexibility and easy loading and unloading of goods. As a result, the operation of the factories goes smoothly and quickly, and warehouse management also become simple. Medium racj also has these advantages but the load is lower and is suitable for storing lighter goods.


storage solution for mechanics 2Selective rack contain machinery


storage solution for mechanics 3Medium rack for storing products


Light-weight and small-size components should be stored and classified on spare parts rack and slotted angle shelf. Workers can easily access and quickly get necessary items. In addition, businesses can also move the racks as needed.


storage solution for mechanics 4Slotted angle shelf and spare parts rack for storing components


The mechanical industry regularly stores very heavy machines and it is difficult to store them on Selective system. However, this problem can be solved easily by using mould rack. The design can accommodate additional cranes to facilitate the handling process.


storage solution for mechanics 5Mould rack containing super heavy equipment


2. Ancillary equipment


In addition to the storage system, ancillary equipment also contributes a lot to help the workshop work smoothly. Metal locker preserves workers' belongings and helps them focus better on their work. Rolling ladder, platform truck and forklift support the transport process takes place conveniently and quickly. Lifting table helps to assemble and repair products more simply.


storage solution for mechanics 6Auxiliary equipment for mechanical workshop


We hope Eurorack's products will be a great support for your mechanical business. For more advice on this issue, contact us to get storage solutions for mechanics from our experts.





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