Logistics industry has developed rapidly not only in Vietnam but also all over the whole world. It plays a role in the global circulation of goods. With a huge number of products, the investment in the storage system needs to be carefully calculated to ensure the operation process is effective and long-term. Eurorack, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and construction of storage racks, will help you find the optimal solution for your logistics warehouse.


Warehouse racking for logistics


Logistics warehouse storage system


Storage racking systems is very important to determine the operational efficiency of logistics warehouses. Eurorack has been constructing storage racks for many import and export warehouses, including DKDH, we found that the types of systems used effectively include:


1. Selective rakcing system


Selective pallet racking is the leading choice of many enterprises, not only in logistics industry. This system has high flexibility and is suitable for storing a wide range of products. This advantage is very appropriate for transport warehouses, where many different items are stored at the same time.


In addition, you can transport the products to your customers quickly thanks to the ability of direct access to each goods and having many wide aisles for forklifts. Import and export speed is one of the factors determining the success and reputation of your warehouse racking for logistics.


Select Selective rack for logistics warehouse

2. Double Deep pallet racking


Double Deep rack is not as widely used as Selective system, because its design is less flexible. It is created by 2 racks set up back to back. This design reduces the ability to directly access goods by 50%, and you have to move the pallet outside first to get the goods inside the rack. Therefore, the product rotation speed has decreased.


The storage capacity of Double Deep system is higher than Selective rack's. It supports warehouses that have problems with the area can still meet the storage capacity of goods.


Store more goods with Double Deep racking


3. Verry Narrow Aisles


VNA rack is rarely used in logistics warehouses. It is used in some high roof warehouses. The capacity of this system is up to 40% higher than Selective pallet racking's, because it takes advantage of the warehouse height and narrows the width of the aisles.


Despite having almost the advantages of Selective rack but with larger capacity, VNA system is rarely used in warehouses racking for logistics. One of the reasons is that the expensive forklift price creates a great pressure for investment costs. In addition, the narrow aisles make import and export speed decrease. When choosing this pallet racking, you need to calculate the capital and the speed of goods circulation carefully.


Increase storage capacity with VNA


4. Drive In storage rack


Drive In rack is used for storing homogenous products in logistics warehouses, especially agricultural goods. This system has an extremely high storage density, due to eliminating most of the forklift's aisles.


Logistics companies often ask Eurorack to combine construction of Drive In rack with Selective or Double Deep systems. This solution will provide more options and flexibility for warehouse operation.


Store homogeneous goods by Drive In logistics warehouse racking


Pallet for logistics warehouse racking


Three common types of pallets used in transport warehouses are: steel pallets, plastic pallets and wooden pallets. Some warehouses use a combination of these three types.


1. Steel pallet


Steel pallet is the type of pallet having the most advantages. It is made of sturdy steel and is capable of carrying extremely large loads, which meets all storage needs. Besides, the pallet has extremely good resistance to external environments and can both be used in the warehouse and outdoors as needed.


Using steel pallet for your warehouse will hlep to make the operation of logistics warehouse simple and convenient. High durability and long service life help reduce operating costs in the long run for warehouse racking for logistics.


Steel pallet with many outstanding advantages


2. Plastic pallet


Plastic pallet is the most commonly used type. High load capacity and low cost are the outstanding advantages of this. Plastic pallet can also be used to store outdoor products. However, it will be brittle and rotten due to the impact of sun and rain when used for a long time.

Plastic pallet is popular in logistics warehouses


3. Wooden pallet


Wooden pallet has the lowest price among all types of pallets. However, the use of this type has many limitations. It only accommodates medium and light weight items because of its low load capacity. It is also susceptible to high temperatures or humidity. In addition, when wooden pallets are dirty, it is difficult to clean.


Save costs by wooden pallet


Ancillary equipment for logistics warehouses

1. Forklift


Forklift is an ancillary equipment indispensable in any logistics warehouse. It is responsible for transporting goods in and out of the racking system. You choose the suitable forklift depending on the type of storage rack you use. For example, Double Deep system requires you to use a long-range type to get goods deep inside the racking, VNA rack must use forklifts that move well in narrow spaces and have high reach...


Product load capacity is also important in forklift selection. Electric forklifts can meet almost every business need and its operation is very simple. For extremely heavy products, you must use internal combustion forklifts. However, the delivery of diesel fuel for its operation can cause some inconvenience.


Forklift for loading and unloading goods


2. Rolling ladder


Mobile ladder is the equipment to help you move up and down the floors of logistics warehouse racking. Although the loading and unloading is done mostly by forklifts, each logistic warehouse has its own several ladders to use.


Rolling ladder for logistics warehouses


3. Platform truck


Platform trucks are also used by many businesses. Because the number of forklifts is limited, we cannot handle or transport products in and out of the warehouse entirely by forklifts. In addition, in arranging and managing warehouses, a lot of loading and unloading activities take place outside where the forklift cannot come.


warehouse racking for logistics 11
Platform truck supports the operation of logistics warehouses


We hope the above solutions will help you partially solve your hosting problem. However, in the process of designing and arranging logistics warehouse racking system, you will still face a lot of difficulties not knowing how to resolve. Contact Eurorack to receive useful advice from our experts!


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